Cherrie’s Sharing

  • Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

    I thank my God every time I remember you. (Philippians 1:3)

    Every now and then, we receive inquiries from individuals facing financial difficulties who wish to seek therapy for themselves or their loved ones but lack the necessary funds. Upon assessing these cases, I find that many of them are genuine, yet they do not meet the criteria for government-funded services due to their unique circumstances. In such instances, we gladly offer special rates, bulk-billing, or even free services, depending on their needs. These individuals are the very reason we exist, and their gratitude for our assistance never fails to touch my heart. It serves as a constant reminder of the invaluable support we receive from all of you – our donors, supporters, and volunteers – who contribute to the functioning of FLC. Therefore, I often respond to them by saying, “It is not us, but the generosity of our donors.” I only wish I could capture these beautiful moments of appreciation and show you the difference you have made.

    If you live locally, you may have noticed the abundance of professional counselling and psychology services available in our community. However, among these options, FLC holds a unique position. Thanks to the support of individuals like you, FLC is able to offer a range of services that set us apart. We provide multilingual and affordable psychology and counselling services that is grounded in strong Christian values. This combination of factors truly distinguishes us from other providers in the area.

    In addition to our therapy services, we also offer free psychoeducation seminars both online and in-person at churches and other organizations. These seminars allow us to reach a wider audience and provide valuable information and resources to those who may not have access to professional help otherwise. We are grateful to all those who have made these initiatives possible and have allowed us to fill the gap in the community’s needs. 

    We sincerely hope that you will continue to partner with us and support our mission. Your ongoing support is crucial in enabling us. We also invite you to prayerfully consider becoming one of our pledge donors. Regular donations make a significant impact on our ability to serve individuals and families in need, and your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your continued support and for helping us make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

    On a different note, I would like to share some updates regarding the internal changes and transitions happening at FLC. We have made significant progress with our new client information system and our accounting procedures. I want to express my gratitude to our volunteers, Mr. Ivan Cheung, Mr. Kingsley Hui and Ms. Wylie Ma, for their valuable time and expertise. Additionally, I am pleased to announce that we have welcomed two new staff members, Ms. Paula Ngu, who joined us in April and Ms. Venus Lee, who joined us in May, as part-time administration officers.

    May the Lord continue to be your sustenance, shield, and delight as you pass each day with His unfolding grace.


    Cherrie Liu

Thanksgiving & Prayer

  1. Praise God for having new blood in our FLC family. Paula and Venus were onboard in April and May respectively. I admire their serving hearts, talents, and expertise they bring along.
  2. Please pray for God’s continued providence in upholding and strengthening all staff as we go through transitions and changes.
  3. Please pray for the clients we serve, Christians and non-Christians. We notice that there has been an increase of active suicidal clients in our caseload for the past few months. Your intercessory prayers are much needed to support them in their internal battles.  

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